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Ethical & Effective Design
with the help of UX Psychology

Successful products begin with the understanding of the human mind and translate it into exceptional user experience and beautiful design.

Meet and exceed your goals: with the power of psychology you can increase your effectiveness, quickly and easily, and without manipulation.

What in the world is UX Psychology?

It is the intersection of psychology, UX design, and ethic. I apply psychological principles to design products that improve the customer’s wellbeing.

Learn more in my presentation colorful graphic showing a cartoon-style black and white brain, on a blue circle, on a white background. There is a turquoise border.The title is: What in the world is UX Psychology?

Hello. I'm Tiziana

(different, right? It is Italian, and it's pronounced Tee-Tsetse-Ana)
smiling close-up of Tiziana, with colorful paint splashes at the edges. Tiziana is a middle age woman, wearing glasses, with long, brown hair and brown eyes
Hard to pronounce • worth remembering

I am a consultant, with extensive knowledge of consumer psychology and cognitive and behavioral science. I am passionate about creating effective user experiences and inclusive design solutions.

I combine psychological insights with good design practices and a solid ethical framework to create inclusive user experiences that will persuade without manipulation or dirty tricks. I strongly believes that ethical design can change the world for the better.

I have a background that includes a degree in graphic design, a master's in Media Psychology and several professional certifications, along with years of design and web development.


My unique blend of knowledge, skills & experience gives me a holistic view of the whole product life-cycle.

Oh, and I am easy to work with!

Download my brochure Turquoise and white brochure cover, showing the Tdag Design logo.The title reads: Ethical and Inclusive Design to Increase Revenue.

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