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UX Audits:
for all budgets

An audit of your digital product is the fastest and most cost effective tool to improve all your digital products.

UX Audits

Worried your product is NOT performing well?

An expert UX audit is what you need: it provides an outsider perspective and recognizes any problems with your interface, usability or interaction.

I will help you find crucial UX flaws using consumer psychology, best practices, and established design and interaction principles.

My recommendations can be immediately implemented and issues will be prioritized based on degree of severity, to give you the maximum ROI.

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Don't take my word for it

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Tiziana is a refreshingly insightful UX surgeon who can dissect a site with the kind of judgment I rarely see. It’s not often you can sit in a presentation and agree with 100% of the recommendations made. She gets it. And that’s extremely rare in this industry where we’re all moving so quickly that there is a greater premium on speed than wisdom. In Tiziana’s case though, I’ve seen her deliver on both fronts.
- Douglas J.S. Kim, Creative Director at iCapital

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She is a wonderful resource for all things design. Specifically, her UI/UX and web guidance was excellent. With just a handful of sessions, she was able to provide valuable insight to web pages for immediate implementation. I would enjoy having the chance to work with her again in the future.
- Reid Aviland, Sr. UX Designer at GoPro

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We invited Tiziana as an expert to learn more about cognitive load. With her broad knowledge and many years of experience, Tiziana is a professional speaker who uses visual language and wit to present content so listeners will remember it. Her expertise in UX psychology is a maximum benefit for anyone who books her. Tiziana is an asset on both a professional and personal level.
- Claudia Francesca Mueller, principal Content Design and Localization, Trusted Shops

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Audits to fit your budget

You can choose the type of audit that is best for your company, or your wallet. Audits start at $500.

There are no strings attached: each audit comes with a discount voucher if you want me to execute the changes suggested, but there is NO obligation to do so

Types of Audits

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You can customized your audit by choosing exactly what you need